Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I'm so happy!

My life has been so WONDERFUl
ever since I met my AWESOME boyfriend
soon to be husband Thomas!

He's so perfect and sweet and nice and the way he treats me is the most freakin wonderful thing EVER!


I'm so happy I met him, I've never been happier!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Wonderful Boyfriend!

Thomas Brown is his name.
He's 17, his birth day is December 26th.
I'm a little bit older than him but that's okiee lol... 
His favorite color is green
He has 2 brothers,1 sister, and a mom...WOW his family is WAY smaller than mine!

Thomas and I started dating on February 26, 2010
We've been dating for 12 days now.
I really do like him ALOT!
he's soooooo sweet and nice to me.
I've NEVER dated a guy like him.
I didn't think I would EVER find a guy like him, but I'm pretty sure I just did.

I actually met Thomas on December 26, 2009 
I met him at Ben and Sam's...
So yeah he is friends with them.
But really that doesn't bother me at all!
I didn't talk to him after that day.
but then we met each other again on myyearbook
 I think that even if I didn't meet Thomas through Ben and Sam 
that I would have met him anyways.
It feels like destany!

Thomas told me that he LOVES me!
OMFG, really?
I LOVE him too!
I didn't think that I could fall in love again, but hey I did!

He also told me that he wants to be with me FOREVER and we already
talk about marrying each other and having kids together!
I really do want to have a kid with him, that would be freakin fantastic!
We also want to live together when I turn 18...

He  really is an AWESOME boyfriend.
and I can't believe that I found him.
 He's the greatest boyfriend I've EVER had, and I know that for  a fact!
He's really the sweetest guy EVER, well to me at least lol.

Me and My Baby

He's so freakin adorable!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okiee I'm over the whole Ben thing.
Yes, I'm still his friend 
but the feeling of wanting to be with him is gone.

I've moved on and I'm happy again.
usually this feeling of being happy goes away right about now.
I'm hoping it doesn't though!
I really want to enjoy life and live it.


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