Monday, February 22, 2010


Doesn't everybody love babies?
I know I do!
I want one so bad! I don't want to deal with the whole boyfriend, girlfriend thing anymore because I always get with the worst one's! BOYS or BABIES? I choose babies
Boy or Girl?
When I think of what I would want when I have a baby I think I would I mean I would love to have a girl too my hopes are just set on a boy. I've thought about this A LOT! And I even have names...
Boy Names: Ryker Jay Landyn Parker Adeen Terence Spencer Skyler Girl Names: Rilee Kay Rose
Haylie Hayden Marie Bailee Either Boy or Girl I'd be HAPPIEE!
I know I'm only 17, and I haven't really lived my life yet, but hey I know what I want in life!
And what I know for a fact is that I want to have a baby! I know lots of people would get mad at me and probably not talk to me anymore but it is my life right? And I know I could take care of it! I'm not stupid! My whole life I've grown up around babies and I've help take care of them. Life would get hard at times, but it would soon get better. And I know I would be a GREAT and AWESOME mother to my baby! All I want is to have someone to always love me, and someone who will always be there for me and never leave my side... And the answer to that is to have a baby! My son or daughter would NEVER leave me and he/she would always love me no matter what! We would go through life together and live it as best as we could!


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