Sunday, February 21, 2010

Damn My Life!!!

Okiee, I was actually happy again and guess what happened? Sam broke up with me! he said that it was just too weird that I was his brothers ex girlfriend... Okiee why is it that EVERY TIME I get happy again and my life seems like it's getting better it goes away? It's NOT FAIR I want to be happiee! I guess I'm not meant to be happiee, It's just NOT in the cards for me... I really did and still like Sam, but he thinks that I was just dating him to make Ben jealous which is not true! I was going out with Sam because I really liked him, but I guess he didn't feel the same way about me...I though he was a good guy and different from his brother but apparently I was terribly WRONG! UGHHH! I guess he was more like Ben than I thought but oh well there's nothing I can do about it, I'm really just stick of dealing with boy's and it's not like I'm gonna find a man around here. I'm still friends with both Ben and Sam and I'm fine with that. yes, I'm sad that it didn't work out but I really do love them both as friends and I don't want to not have them in my life... Now to be honest I did and do like Sam but when we broke up I kinda saw it coming so it didn't bother me much! So I'm okiee with it...Life goes on! I was going to go to job corp and get my life started but I'm really just thinking about it now, I know what I want but want I want isn't easy to get... I think about my life and I know I want a good life for myself but I know some of the things I want are probably not going to seem good to other people but it's my life and I'm in control of it! So what I'm going to do is live it!


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