Sunday, February 21, 2010


This is my ex boyfriend Ben!
This is my current boyfriend Sam! THEY'RE BOTHERS! Question: Am I doing wrong by dating brothers? I think NOT! Yes, they're brothers but hey they're totally different people. Okiee on to something else! Alright here we go....I was IN LOVE with Ben! I was really truthfully in love with him. he said he loved me, but he was IN LOVE with this girl named Savannah! Okiee when he told me this it BROKE my heart! He BROKE my heart many times before But I never actually let it kill my love for him. I should have right then and there but I didn't, and it was one mistake that I wish I could take back! but i can't! So I waited to see if it would work out and as you can see from the NEW BF, it didn't! He's still IN LOVE with Savanna, who has by the way broken his heart twice now! me, I NEVER broke his heart! Ben says he hates her and he doesn't want to love her but he dose! OKAY SERIOUSLY!!! if you don't want to love someone you don't have to! LOVE is a choice you can choose to love or not to love a person! I'm not saying that the love for that person goes away, I'm just saying that it fades away! it's true that the love for that person will always be there, but it will not be the same. AND so I gave up! I left...I thought it was going to be hard but, after crying on the way home and for a couple hours while laying in bed thinking...I felt better about myself! I didn't think I could do it but I did! AND NOW I'M HAPPIEE! Which brings me to my current boy friend Ben's brother Sam! Well see Sam and I don't have much history together... I've known him longer than I've known Ben! See I met Sam on Myyearbook and we'd flirt and talk alot...but I met Ben in person first through a guy named David who was my crush at the time! To me Sam is sweet and I think that he's sooooo ADORABLE! He's the cutest thing EVER! Sam, seems different to me, different from all of my past boyfriends I mean. He doesn't only think of him self! and okiee listen to this! the first time he kissed me was too cute... Okiee so we're sitting in my car just talking and then I get a txt from him... so we texted back and forth for a bit, here's what we said: Sam: " I really wanna do something right now but I'm scared of how you might react" Me: " Okiee...well what is it? " Sam: " Ok ummm I really want to kiss you right now...what do you think?" Me: " well I won't bite so don't be scared" okiee then some silence followed..... then he moved to the back of my moms van and sat there, he told me that he gets the whole butterfly in the tummy feeling when he's with me! Okiee I know this is so like what little kids do, but come on, it was so CUTE! So he's sitting in the back and I'm in the drivers seat talking and all of a sudden he pulls himself around and kissed me while I was in the middle of talking, but hey it was a good kiss so it didn't bother me much...hehe No Sam and I haven't been dating long and don't know everything about each other, but one thing I do know is that I do like him, I like him ALOT! And he sweet and kind... I don't quite Know if things are going to work out but you ever really know what's going to happen until it happens, so right now I'm just going with the flow and living life as it comes to me! And that's really all we can do.


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